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    There are 5 ways to make print interactive.  We offer ALL of them.


    Variable Data

    Mobile SMS

    Personalized URLS

    Dynamic Maps

    Direct Smile Image Personalization


    Digital Print: 

    Agency Quality: 

    HP Indigo - 7 color featuring digital PMS match and clear matte ink  

    Kodak NexPress- 5 color 14x20


    Business Speed:

    Xeikon 8 color web featuring 20" width for high volume digital requirements.


    Packaging Flexibility:

    Xeikon 10 color web featuring 20" width and white ink up to 18pt board. 


    Mobile SMS: 

    Text to win:  Engage customers of all demographics by offering mobile text to win offers with instant feedback.

    Direct Links: Push out video and pictures directly to mobile phones for the most direct marketing available.

    Opt-In News: Allow yet another way for customers to sign up to receive news, offers and other info.

    Key customers include:  Professional Football Teams, Medical Sales,  Real Estate, Travel & Entertainment magazines.


    Personalized URLS (PURLs)

    Hailed as marketing's missing link, purls allows users to immediately go to a custom web page where the offers and information is relevant to them.  For example, www.harley.com/john.smith would feature a page customized for John in which he is presented the exact product of his interest.   


    Dynamic Maps

    Generate personalized image maps and turn by turn direction in hi-fi color for every single one of your prospects on your next campaign for stunning results.  We have live examples and statistical support on how well this application worked for banking, hospitality, retail and event marketing 


    Direct Smile

    Generate personalized images in hi-fi color for every single one of your prospects to elicit an emotional response  With years of experience with Direct Smile, we have deployed this feature set for gaming, donor solicitations and retail.

    A picture is worth a thousand words! Imagine a scorching hot day in the middle of summer; Would that transport Bob to another place? Would that get his attention for the precious 5-15 seconds your direct mail piece has before it is discarded or acted upon?


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